Ministry programs refers to all the special ministry programs that we organize and carry out all around the world.

From Your Loveworld Specials, Global Service, Global Day of Prayer, Staff Week, ICLC, IPPC, MBTC and the December Group of Programs.

Anytime we are out there and you see Pastor Chris, you helped to make it happen; you helped to sponsor that program.


Your Loveworld Specials

Global Service with Pastor Chris


Global Day of Prayer


Other Ministry Programs



In the course of the year, we impacted the lives of billions all around the world. Here are a few testimonies form those who have been impacted by Ministry Programs with Pastor Chris.

There has been an upgrade in my heart, which has caused a surge of passion in me to fellowship more with God. This has instigated me to soar in excellence and look forward to every opportunity to pray because I know that inevitable answers are granted me. Glory to God!

Akudo N.
From Nigeria
The Global Day of Prayer has developed my prayer life and inspired me to pray for the nations of the world. The teachings of Pastor Chris on the importance of prayer for the nations and leaders of nations has shown me the need to be selfless in prayer ensuring that the will of God is established in the nations.

Blessing J.
From Netherlands

The Global Day of Prayer is indeed an awesome time of fellowship with the Holy Spirit and I’m most grateful to Pastor Chris for the opportunity to partner with him in prayer. Getting involved with this unique global prayer network has boosted my faith tremendously and has given me relentless assurance of answers as I make power available. Thank you Pastor Chris.

Stacey O.
From Nigeria